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  • Prodigy Bar - Chunky Creamy Chocolate

    Prodigy Bar

    Extraordinarily smooth chunky chocolate with less than half the sugar of a regular bar.
    197 kcal
    High Fibre
    Choose your flavour:


    Peanut & Caramel

    Hazelnut Chocolate

  • Nutry Nuts White Choc Pistachio Butter Cups

    Nutry Nuts Protein Nut Butter Cups

    Treat yourself to these heavenly high-protein white chocolate pistachio butter cups for a happy indulgence.
    227 kcal
    High Fibre
    Choose your flavour:

    White Choc Pistachio

    Double Choc Hazelnut

    Salted Caramel Peanut

    Milk Chocolate

    White Chocolate

    Dark Chocolate

  • Superfoodio Peanut Butter Buttons - Original

    Superfoodio Peanut Butter Buttons

    Peanut butter buttons made from peanuts, coconut sugar, cacao butter and a sprinkle of sea salt - no more, no less - delicious.
    119 kcal
    Source of Fibre
    Choose your flavour:


    Coco Crunch


  • Tweek Fruity Fresh Gummies

    Tweek Fruity Fresh Gummies

    A juicy fruit sensation of raspberry & strawberry, lemon, lime & mandarin and forest fruits gummies.
    136 kcal
    Low SugarHigh Fibre
  • Tweek Sour Supreme Jellies

    Tweek Sour Supreme Jellies

    Sour jellies with a sweet and sour mouthwatering mix of pink grapefruit, pineapple/passion fruit and cola.
    144 kcal
    Low SugarHigh Fibre
  • Tweek Vegan Vibe Gummies

    Tweek Vegan Vibe Gummies

    A refreshing mix of green apples, peaches and red summer berry gummies.
    144 kcal
    Low SugarHigh Fibre
  • Tweek Smoothie Chews

    Tweek Smoothie Chews

    A mix of foam sweets with a taste of strawberry/wild strawberry and tropical fruits with sweeteners.
    126 kcal
    Low SugarHigh Fibre
  • Tweek Fizzy Fusion Gummies

    Tweek Fizzy Fusion Gummies

    A mix of sour jelly candies with a taste of bubble gum, melon and sour cola.
    148 kcal
    Low SugarHigh Fibre
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