The Top 6 Fitness Trends of 2024

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We may only be one month into 2024 but fitness and foodie trends are already starting to appear.


Whether that’s walking on the treadmill with your hands on your head – it’s apparently very good for the core – or jumping on the 75 Hard Challenge bandwagon, people are already swearing oaths of fealty.

And of course, here at Goal Plans, we’re watching … waiting … desperate to see which fitness trend is going to dominate this trip around the sun.

So, without further ado, here are our top six fitness trend predictions for 2024, and our opinion on whether they’re worth the hype, or not (we suspect many might just be for influencer clout, but happy to be proven wrong).

Let’s go Goal Planners!


Kicking things off with a bang at the top spot is HYROX .

This is a standout fitness competition that challenges the limits of endurance and functional fitness – it’s basically the 2024 equivalent of what CrossFit was in the 2000s.

Combining functional fitness exercises with endurance challenges, HYROX provides a unique workout experience and a healthy dose of friendly competition.

In a nutshell, competitors strive to complete eight challenging workouts, including running, rowing, sled pushes, and more, in the fastest time possible.

All that endurance and strength training does wonders for your cardiovascular fitness, strength, and pushes you to your limits. But if you’re new to endurance or strength training, we wouldn’t recommend you go headfirst into this fitness trend as it is very intense.

Instead, build yourself up with some endurance style functional fitness training and then, when you’re ready for the challenge, level up to HYROX for a thrilling workout experience and brilliantly supportive community.

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2. Dance Your Way to Fitness

Dancing for fitness has been around since Jane Fonda donned those killer leotards and hopped about like a bunny under the guise of aerobics.

Since then, we’ve had Zumba, Barre classes, Bollywood workouts and, most recently, Hula Hoop funsies, and the dancing for fitness trend is showing ZERO signs of slowing down for 2024.

Why? Because of your favourite Social Media platform – Tik Tok.

Since Tik Tok exploded onto the social media scene, there’s been a marked increase in people searching for ways to get fit through dance – and like, come on, we get it, it’s super fun, gets your heart racing and doesn’t even feel like a workout when you’re doing it!

Dance fitness classes bring together the joy of dancing and the health benefits of a cardio workout.

So, if you’re looking to shake your fitness routine up a bit, shuffle on down to your local studio, let those feet fly loose and you’ll be fit in a flash(dance).

3. Virtual Reality Fitness

Have you ever wished you could attend an immersive fitness class from the comfort of your own home? Well, fortunately when the gaming and fitness worlds collide – that’s exactly what you get.

According to the big guns at META and Apple, they expect VR fitness to become a household norm in the next 12 months. From fully immersive VR and mixed reality choices on the horizon, gamification of fitness is (apparently) the future.

Of course, the tech giants are keeping things pretty close to their chests for now, but from what we’ve read there’ll be immersive workouts with stunning visuals, wearables and instructors to guide you through your workouts.

We like this idea in principle, especially as it has the potential to introduce fitness to a whole new community, but it also feels a bit Wall-E for us, or rather Ready Player One.

So, we’ll leave this on the “sounds good, but will need to be proven it’s better than going outside in the fresh air” pile before we’re fully on board here at Goal Plans.

Virtual Reality Fitness

4. Outdoor Workouts: Nature as Your Gym

Speaking of which, outdoor fitness is ALSO supposed to making a big comeback this year!

Remember the days of Bootcamps when we all willingly swilled around in muddy fields to train like the army? Yeah, it’s coming back with a bang.

And, got to be honest, we’re kind of excited about it! Who says you need a gym membership or fancy VR set for a great workout?

Take advantage of the great outdoors and let nature be your fitness playground. Outdoor workouts not only provide fresh air and scenic views but can also improve emotional well-being, mental health and reduce stress levels.

Whether it's Bootcamp, running, hiking, or yoga in the park, get ready to embrace the benefits of exercising in nature.

5. Home Gym Setups

In recent years, home gyms have gained popularity, and this trend is set to continue in 2024 all thanks to IKEA launching their home gym rangethe DAJLIEN collection.

Yes folks, the Swedish homewares giant has made building your own dedicated fitness space at home a reality without the hefty price tags that come with buying equipment from the likes of Strength Shop.

The collection itself has “19 versatile products that support movement in everyday life and enables people to create healthy habits at home.”

Why do we love it? Aside from no longer having to fork out for a hiked-up gym membership, creating your own home gym space allows for convenience, privacy, and flexibility in terms of workout timings.

Transform a spare room or a corner of your living space into a mini gym with equipment like dumbbells, resistance bands, stability balls, and yoga mats.

Plus, by curating your home gym, you have no excuse to skip a workout.

At Home Gym

6. Mobile Fitness Apps: Personalised Workouts at Your Fingertips

Every year, smartphones and smart tech become even more engrained in our lives. But instead of constantly stressing over those 1256 unread emails, make your phone work for you with mobile fitness apps. 

Now, fitness apps are not really a ‘new’ concept, but what makes 2024 the year for them is because the new age apps provide personalised workout plans, track your progress, offer nutritional guidance, and motivate you right from your device.

It’s simply not a one plan fits all kind of thing anymore.

Plus, they’re a fantastic way to get you moving and motivated when you simply cannot be bothered. In fact, research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine shows that mobile fitness apps can increase physical activity levels and improve overall health outcomes.

Find reputable apps with positive user reviews and features that align with your fitness goals just like the Goal Plans Fitness App. 

With a mobile fitness app, you have a personal trainer in your pocket, ready to guide you toward a healthier lifestyle and smash those weight loss goals.

Final Thoughts…

These six trends are just a snapshot of what’s to come in 2024, we’ve no doubt loads more are just waiting in the wings to make their grand entrance. Things like mind-body practices, functional training, and online personal training.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether you choose to Powerlift or HYROX, dance your way to fitness or lace up your trainers and run, there’s a trend to suit every fitness preference and goal.

The important thing to remember is, what matters most is finding something you enjoy and that aligns with your lifestyle and fitness ambitions.

So, lace up your shoes, grab your mat, or join a new fitness community —2024 is your year to thrive in health and well-being.

Ashleigh Tosh

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